Who we are

Our history starts in 2021 from the heart of Ukraine. Today we proudly continue to craft candles by our hands full of passion to all stages of production. We believe that each Cootico candle is made as a symbol of light and continuation of life. 

We know the importance of the atmosphere that surrounds you. Our fragrances are created in collaboration with perfumers from France, each of them has a mission to bring the right mood and fulfill your space with it. 

Light up your fire with Cootico!

Our production does not have an industrial scale. We carefully manufacture and pack each candle by hand. In addition to production, we constantly test the quality and properties of new aromas and wax blends in our laboratory. With care and love for the environment.

We use only 100% natural soy wax with the best aroma release for our fragrance oils. No chemical impurities. All natural components of the Cootico candles are selected with love to be completely safe to use.

Our concrete jars are designed with the most close to nature colors to complement your favorite space and add spirit of hygge. Cootico's concern for the environment drove us to create reusable jars. After the candle has burned out, you can use it for planting or as storage on your desk. 100% natural, strong scented and smart designed - perfect match of Cootico quality concept.

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